Sports And College Bean Bag Chairs Are Hot

Since the invention of the Sacco bean bag chair in nineteen sixty nine, bean bags have exploded in popularity. Beanbag chairs are available in many shapes, sizes and fabric choices. If you are fan of a sport, sports team, college or university, there is a wide variety of sports and college bean bag chairs.

College Bean Bag Chairs

Whether you attended a college or you are simply a fan of a school, many colleges and universities have licensed their names and logos for merchandising. Everything from tee shirts, lap blankets, coffee mugs and scores of other collectible items that represent various schools are very popular. These licensing arrangements even extend to the humble beanbag chair.

Fans of college sports teams can find almost every Division 1A school is represented in the available lines of beanbag chairs. So whether you are Bobcat from Ohio University, a Rebel from Ole Miss or a Trojan from the University of Southern California, there is a college bean bag chair that just right for you.

Professional Sport Beanbag Chairs

The popularity of professional sports is as great as ever. From a great American pastime like baseball to the smash mouth world of professional hockey, sports fans are tuned in. just like colleges and universities, professional sports leagues have licensed the team names and logos for merchandising. Fans and collectors can find merchandise representing nearly professional sport and sports team. Sports fans of all ages have found sport bean bag chairs to a great way to show their team spirit.

Fans of professional football can find beanbag chairs with the logos and names of their favorite team, whether they root for Da Bears in Chicago, the Dolphins in Miami or the Packers from Green Bay.

Sport bean bags are a great way to decorate a family room, den or entertainment room. Some fans create shrines to their favorite teams and sport bean bag chairs provide a great way to kick back.

A Word About Improvements in Beanbag Chair Design

Older beanbag chair designs were troublesome in some respects. Imagine flopping into your jumbo bean bag and finding yourself in a blizzard of small polystyrene beads. Failed seams and poor construction were often to blame and cleaning up those tiny plastic beads was a real pain. The small size of the beads often created a hazard to small kids and household pets.

The tiny beads were easily inhaled or ingested. Inhaled beads could quite easily become lodged in the lungs. Since the beads are not regarded as toxic, ingesting the beads was not as big of a health concern but could still result in serious problems.

The problems associated with poorly designed beanbags reached the point where the Consumer Product Safety Commission, an agency of the Federal government intervened. One problem the agency discovered had to do with the design of the zippers. The old design zippers could be easily opened by young children. After several product recalls, manufacturers began to produce zippers that were more kid safe. When buying any type of beanbag chair, always check to see that chair conforms to the latest standards issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Newer designs enclose the beads in an inner bag, reducing the chance of your chairs beads ending up in every corner of the house. Some newer bean bag chair designs often use a combination of poly plastic beads and shredded foam. The result is much more comfortable chair. The outer cover can be removed and cleaned without the stuffing leaking out. Depending on the type of fabric or material used for the cover, the outer cover can be laundered or dry cleaned.

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